Shady Park

26 E University Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 474-4222

Cuisine: Ramen, Sushi, Pizza (Or, its complicated)

Price: $33

Shady Park - 2

Shady Park was founded as a Chicago style, thin crust, pizza bar in 2015 since then, Umami Ramen has been added, and it has served as an eclectic communal playground. It has hosted some of the best musical talents from out of state and created a platform for local artists to shine. The barpark has transformed, through the years and has grown with each change, constantly evolving to keep the environment fresh and unique. Shady Park is defined in many ways, some like to note it as the center for ramen enthusiasts of the Greater Phoenix Valley Area Fusing traditional Ramen teachings with a well traveled American’s taste, Jared Lupin the head chef has turned the idea of Ramen on its head, with the unique “Build Your Own” (BYO)  style for Ramen. Fusing that vibe with the Chicago Style thin crust pizza, ‘BYO’ style holds its own that after one bite, has you ordering more.

Featuring a variety of Unique Sushi options, Vegan options, wings and hoagies. You can make your experience however you see fit. Come in for the Mr. Robato Special, featuring a House bowl, 1 Japanese draft and Sake. Our house bowls have been hand selected by our Chef, to make for the best experience for Ramen amateurs and veterans alike. Do you like Lord of The Rings? How about our Lord of The Wings sushi roll, with a couple gnomes spread around the bar park to keep you company.

On the weeknights and weekends, we shift gears a bit, and turn our experience from a pure restaurant experience, into a Music Venue/BarPark/. We feature 3 nights of touring music acts on the weekends, and on the weekdays we feature weekly events from Game Night, Open Mic Night and more. You can check out our Events schedule here: